SEKEM, literally, meaning ‘vitality from the sun’, takes its name from the hieroglyphic transcription meaning “vitality,” was the first entity to develop biodynamic farming methods in Egypt.

SEKEM’s goals are to “restore and maintain the vitality of the soil and food as well as the biodiversity of nature” through sustainable, organic agriculture and to support social and cultural development in Egypt.

The Sekem initiative is a highly holistic undertaking founded by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in 1977 in the Egyptian desert with the vision of fostering “sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her individual potential; where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.”



The Sustainability Flower represents a management, assessment and communication tool symbolizing the concept of sustainable development in its four dimensions (economic life, societal life, cultural life and ecology with its six sub-dimensions). It was developed within a network of international organizations from the organic / Biodynamic movement cooperating under the umbrella of the „International Association of Partnership for Ecology and Trade“ (IAP).


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