The Blue Lotus Flower

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The Blue Lotus:
Perhaps the most well-known role of the blue Lotus flower in Egyptology is set in its association with the Sun, the creation, and rebirth. The reason that that Lotus is used as a metaphor for these things is due to the way that it raises out of the water, over a small period of time, and flowers in the morning to the late afternoon, before sinking below the surface again. The repeat of this pattern makes it easy to understand why the Egyptians chose it to symbolize the Lotus with rebirth, as it followed the same pattern as the sun.
The sacred flower seems to produce a subtle, high-level, expanded state of consciousness that may have been used in ceremonial meditation and magic. Energy workers have reported a heightened sense of psychic energy and the ability to better utilize these higher states in their practices. Many people also use the Sacrament to enhance meditation, utilizing the dreamy, trance-like effects to reinforce an alpha-state. Using the Sacrament before bedtime has also been reported to induce lucid dreaming.

into the wild (2)

On Day 1 of our retreat, the 3 teachers will be exploring the theme of WATER relevance of human bodily existence.

Cheikh Vaslan will be exploring the symbolism of water deeply by talking about: The symbolism of Hagar and Ismail in the desert and the search for water. The eruption of the Holy Spring of Zamzam.


SEKEM – born of the vitality of Sun 

A vision seen by its (late) Founder, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, thus, forms a vital part of our decision to choose Sekem Farm for our 3-days course; re-discovering our soil-soul connection within earth ecology.

What Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish saw standing in Belbeis Desert has a deep resonance with our theme of re-discovering our Earth-Being:

“In the midst of sand and desert I see myself standing before a well drawing water. Carefully I plant trees, herbs and flowers and wet their roots with the precious drops. The cool well water attracts human beings and animals to refresh and quicken themselves. Trees give shade, the land turns green, fragrant flowers bloom, insects, birds and butterflies show their devotion to God, the creator, as if they were citing the first Sura of the Qu’ran. The human, perceiving the hidden praise of God, care for and see all that is created as a reflection of paradise on earth. For me this idea of an oasis in the middle of a hostile environment is like an image of the resurrection at dawn, after a long journey through the nightly desert. I saw it in front of me like a model before the actual work in the desert started. And yet in reality I desired even more: I wanted the whole world to develop.”


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