Retreat Agenda



The Earth is My Being is a coming together of three Guides bringing together three themes in the course of three days’ time.

Day 1 – The Water Theme

We will start our day by paying tributes to Dr. Ibtahim Abouliesh‘s departed soul. Sekem and more importantly, Dr. Abouleish’s vision resonates so well with the spiritual work of revivification that the world needs today.

SEKEM came into being as a result of his vision which according to him, came as a spiritual revelation to him:

The cool water (of the well in the midst of the desert) attracts human beings and animals to refresh and quicken themselves.

Water is a symbol of so much more. The water that refreshes and quickens is also the Pure Spirit, the Essential Truth, the Clarity and Purity of Consciousness, the Knowledge that renews and enlivens.

The teachers will explore our connection with Water through spiritual hermeneutics. Before being born of dust we are creatures of Water: A spiritual redefinition of what it means to be human.

What role does water play in our creation and the influence it exercises over our beings? What does it mean to be human in terms of our water identity/heritage?

Day 2 – Wells of Water in the Desert

Day 2 will explore the Exodus story; Following Moses’s journey into the desert, looking at the story of Moses meeting Zipora (his future wife) by the well in the desert – the symbolism of the well in the desert in the work with soul.

Livia Frischer will lead the Guided Visualization meditation, going down into our inner depth, to the well of the heart to find the transformative water of soul. Guided visualization is a powerful technique used in Psychosynthesis. Transformative practice in this workshop will help clarify and lead to an increased sense of inner freedom as a heightened understanding of one’s soul’s journey emerges through the process.  This is true for peoples from divergent cultures, faith traditions, and backgrounds.

Day 3 – The Earth as our Being

The idea of sacredness in the life of this world will also be introduced. We are sacred not just in spirit but in the body as well. How do we heal the divide between spirit and matter to make our selves whole? The desacralization of matter has led to a fragmentation of our being. Unless we see the world and all it contains just as sacred as our spirits and the Divine, we will not be able to make a return to Unity. Drawing upon sources such as Shamanism and Sufi teachings that are earth-based and nature-oriented to demonstrate the relevance of seeing matter as sacred.

Through meditative movement, as a way of connecting consciousness of body and spirit, the theme of The Earth Is Our Being will be bridged-  We and earth are one –in essence, and in consciousness.