Cheikh Muhammad Valsan


Born in Paris, Muhammad Valsan is the son of Michel Valsan (Cheikh Mustafâ ‘Abd el-‘Aziz) who was the first big interpreter of Ibn ‘Arabi in the West.

Muhammad Valsan is the son of Michel Valsan (Cheikh Mustafâ ‘Abd el-‘Aziz) who was the first big interpreter of Ibn ‘Arabi in the West. As a Director of the revue Sacred Science, he pursues the work of his father and studies the universal expression of the initiatory doctrines.

Shaykh Valsan will be exploring following topics at the retreat:

  • The chapter in the Quran including the story of Musa’s meeting with Khidr.

When Musa asks God if there is anyone more knowledgeable than him, God answers in the affirmative saying that it is Khidr and so Musa wants to meet Khidr now. God tells him that he will appear where the fish will escape into the water. And so the search ensues and Musa encounters Khidr. Cheikh will explore the deeper symbolism of this story for the soul and its journey.

  • The baptism of Isa (Jesus) by Yahya (John the Baptist)
  • The symbolism of Hagar and Ismail in the desert and the search for water. The eruption of the Holy Spring of Zamzam. 
  • The symbolism of the Deluge and the Ark of Noah.
  • The symbolism of the parting of the sea by Musa.
  • The concept of the Majma al Bahrayn, the meeting of the two oceans in the Quran.