Cheikh Muhammad Valsan

Cheikh MuhammadAs a Director of the Revue Sacred Science, he pursues the work of his father and studies the universal expression of the initiatory doctrines. As an expert of the various sacred texts, their principles are foundation when he approaches certain applications in the fields of science and traditional arts. He is invested in the inter-religious dialogue and takes part in many international seminars. As a beekeeper and a breeder of purebred Arab horses, he also pays a special attention to the symbolism of the animals, especially in the Koran.


Livia Frischer


Livia Frischer is the representative of the Mosaic / Jewish transmission and a psycho-spiritual translator of the story of the Exodus, the decoder of the relevance of Bnei Yisrael. Livia was given these transformative insights through a mystical experience when a divine voice spoke the biblical language of Exodus and helped her move out of a deep existential crisis and years of studies of Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism).

Livia is a psycho-spiritual therapist and a spiritual teacher. She works with the story of Moses’ life on the soul level to support psychological and spiritual development. Water figures an important place in the Exodus story and is given a special place in her work. She has taught this intensive experiential work to peoples from different backgrounds and faiths with unanimous success.

In her work as a therapist, she integrates Psychosynthesis (transpersonal & transpersonal psychology) and Movement-Medicine (a body based meditative movement practice)  two methods that support the individual’s ability to make meaning in life, as well as provide tools for contacting the body’s intelligence through meditative movement.

Shaykha Amat-un-Nur

Shaykha jiShaykha Amat-un-Nur (Naila Hayat Noon) holds a Master’s in Comparative Philosophy: Islamic and Western Mysticism.

She has been actively involved in the Sufi Path for the last 15 yrs, remaining a student of Pir Zia Inayat Khan, the head of the Inayati Order in which she now serves as a Representative and Spiritual Guide.

The Inayati Order is a school of spiritual teaching and training based on the mystical philosophy of Hazrat Inayat Khan (d.1927), an Indian Sufi mystic and classical musician of the early twentieth century.

The Inayati Order derives from the traditional four-school order system of the Qadiri, Naqshbandi, Suhawardi and Chishti that Hazrat Inayat Khan belonged to. Her passion is to work for the uncovering of the one Light and Truth that radiate from the Heart of all religious and spiritual traditions, inculcating through spiritual education, the beauty of unity within diversity and the harmony of human existence.