Livia Frischer

7770 2.jpgLivia Frischer –is a Psychosynthesis therapist & trainer and a Modemet Medicine facilitator.

In her work, Livia integrates Psychosynthesis (a transpersonal & spiritual psychology) with the archetypal story of Exodus and with Movement-Medicine (a body based meditative movement practice). This integrated method supports the individual’s ability to expand her/his consciousness and create deeper meaning in life, as well as providing tools for contacting the body’s intelligence through meditative movement.

Livia Frischer has been active in the field of Psychosynthesis (Transpersonal and Psychospiritual Psychology) since1990; as a co-founder of the Swedish Psychosynthesis Institute in Sweden, as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, and as a trainer in Psychosynthesis educations institutes in Sweden, Holland, and Norway.
Integrating ancient mystical knowledge from biblical texts (Exodus) into the studies of Transpersonal Development has been Livia’s unique contribution. The numerous workshops she led through institutes and her own company, deepened students’ experience of their soul’s calling and expanded their understanding of the complexity of the spiritual journey.
Her essay “The Language of Myth – The Language of Soul” was published 2013 in ‘Essays on The Theory and Practice of a Psychospiritual Psychology’.
An honorary diploma for her contribution to the filed of Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy was awarded to her (2013) by the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London.

Livia will be exploring the following themes at the retreat:

·      The biblical Exodus story as an archetypal symbol for the human journey of psycho-spiritual consciousness development.

Introduction – bringing a psycho-spiritual approach to Biblical/Torah texts of the Exodus story. Treating the Exodus Story on a symbolic level as an archetypal, transpersonal, cross-religious story of the journey of human psycho-spiritual development. Seeing Moses as a symbol for the core of spiritual consciousness within, a messenger of the soul within the human psyche. This core consciousness can lead the process of the inner development and liberation.

·      Moses’ birth and the essential presence of the Feminine by the river

·      Wells of water in the desert and the symbolic connection to soul work

Livia was recently a contributor at International Transpersonal Conference in Prague. She conducted a workshop on Moses’ Clues – hidden ancient knowledge made accessible to seekers on the spiritual journey.

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