Sarah Yaseen


Sarah Yaseen aka Sarah The Sufi is a Manchester-based Sufi singer/songwriter.  With a soulful voice and accompanied by a guitar or darabouka, Sarah’s raw Acappella/cantata style takes the audience into her world of emotions and feelings of love, faith, personal struggle, including sharing her political stance through influential, unique compositions.

She comes from an Islamic tradition of religious singers.  Inspired by her father Sufi Muhammad Yaseen, Sarah’s voice, words and melodies reach out and touch the human soul;

She is one of the lead singers in ‘Rafiki Jazz’ – a Sheffield based, ‘world music’ band that has recently been signed by ‘Riverboat UK Music’ and recently released their album, ‘Har Dam Sahara’

On the closing dinner, we will have Sarah entertaining us with her soulful singing to roundoff our three days of earth sacralisation. Sarah will also be taking us on a soul-stirring journey with her music throughout the retreat sessions.