Sekem Guest House

SEKEMs Guesthouse is located at the main SEKEM Farm close to Belbeis, Northeast of Cairo and is a wonderful place for relaxation. It offers 32 rooms, has its restaurant and modern meeting rooms, fully equipped to host conferences and workshops up to 60 participants. The Guesthouse restaurant serves its guests with wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared out of tasty Organic food, mainly produced by SEKEMs companies.

“Discover the miracles of the old Egyptian culture and the contradictions within an open-minded Islamic country that is searching for a modern future. Dive into the tranquillity of the unusual environment of SEKEM created from people masterminded by new values. Experience the contrasts and the fascination of the vibrant cosmopolitan city Cairo. You can combine a stay at SEKEM with a connecting journey to the oasis, Red Sea and/or visit Luxor and Assuan (Upper Egypt). Discover the exceptional testimonials of one of the most important high cultures in the history of humanity. Experience the direct contact with the people living and working in this region.”

Access to the pool is also available for the retreat guests.

Download the flyer in English ecovillage-english